Visual feedback software


Slider Studio developed the very first protoypes for Stickyworld, an online consultation and engagement platform for the built environment. In 2010 a separate company formed to commercialise the technology.

In 2009 Slider won funding from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board to develop a web based tool with virtual sticky notes as the means to feedback on designs. The first prototype of Stickyworld was built, led by Slider and collaborating with leading London based architectural practices as early adopter users and testers. Following two years of R and D working with early adopters Edward Cullinan Architects, HTA, Make and Scott Brownrigg, StickyWorld was launched in 2010.

As Slider and its user group analysed different types of conversations to support conversations about the built environment, the team soon realised that there was a wider generic need for a simple online communications that could support a variety of conversation types about visual media. Regardless of professional background or expertise, the team believed there should be a simpler way for everyone to engage in and learn about a conversation through supporting visuals and thus begin to understand each other faster.
The basic challenge of hosting conversations about different visuals was identified in the field of architectural design . StickyWorld Ltd was founded to take on the bigger challenge of developing a generic and scalable visual engagement platform that could serve multiple industries.