Rapid housing scenarios


Slider developed software that generates rapid housing scenarios for large scale masterplanning, residential and mixed use developments.

The innovative technology offers unique 3D development appraisal optioneering. We have developed a robust method, using our own advanced software allowing us to generate multiple development options at the touch of a button. Combining development economics with architectural and urban design thinking our computational methods will deliver a dynamic model for exploring all of your development options, giving you maximum design insight and value at the outset of your project.

The software allows architects and urban designers to prepare a library of house types and smart diagrams and converts these diagrams into information-rich three dimensional models. Combining the geometric and spatial data of the individual house or apartment unit with other relevant parameters such as type, tenure and cost, the resultant models are then assembled automatically comprising a collection of all the different properties within a site, as well as area data for development land and infrastructure.


After the house type libraries or ‘pattern books’ are set up, a number of design diagrams or ‘design codes’ can be quickly drawn in order to set up comparative appraisal options. The model data in each option can be automatically collected, and represented alongside 3D visuals allowing the architect to spend more time on actual design work. The semi automated process can lead to investigations in land use optimisation, density and inhabitability, ensuring that both commercial development potential and place making ideals have been thoroughly explored.