Façade paneling tools in Microstation


DoX (aka Death of the Glass Box) facilitates an enhanced, logical and systematic design approach to envelope and cladding design layouts.

DoX façade paneling tools in Microstation were developed as a part of research project for Make Architects. DoX captures an architect’s creative design rules, automating the drawing and modeling process. An integrated design tool, different façade types can be generated according to user input. The designer can model façade panel components, draw the diagram defining which panels can go where, and generate the accompanying 2D elevations and 3D model with just a few clicks. Besides speeding up the design process, DoX can be used to optimise the number of panels in complex façade systems. The program can be used in a very controlled way to produce user-defined elevation patterns or in a more exploratory way where the panels are chosen from the given set and within the given constraints by the computer.