Slider Studio is a specialist design consultant for the built environment. We develop online tools for property developers and house manufacturers; we help design professionals – including architects, designers and engineers – incorporate the latest digital design tools into their projects and everyday practice. We do this by providing tools, training and supporting services, and maintaining a commitment to continuous innovation through academic research, teaching and through commercial collaboration, both in UK and across Europe.

Slider was originally founded  in 2005 by architects Michael Kohn and Renee Puusepp, joining forces to develop a range of powerful plug ins to traditional CAD packages. Over the next seven years, the team developed a range of innovative software concepts and prototypes, ranging from site capacity visualisation software to the first version of the award winning Stickyworld platform in 2009.

Slider Studio was reincorporated in 2014 and Renee now leads the business going forward progressing Slider’s vision for enabling smarter design practices across the built environment and drawing upon a growing network of designers and software developers to deliver training, research and commercial services. Michael has left to grow Stickyworld as a separate internet start up but still acts as a Slider’s strategic advisor. The two companies occasionally work together on collaborative R&D projects.

Renee is an Estonian Architect by training with over 8 years of UK experience, and has completed a PhD in computational architecture in 2011. He has extensive skills in architectural design, design computation, research and training and has worked alongside award winning architects solving complex design problems together for over a decade.

Slider’s past clients include:

Axis Design, Arup, Birmingham City Council, Building Research Establishment, Crest Nicholson, Design Council, EcoLogic Studio, Edward Cullinan Architects, HTA Design, Make Architects, Scott Brownrigg, Technology Strategy Board, University College London, University of East London